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Square Reader Accessories

Square offers a variety of accessories compatible with the Square Reader, including protective cases, charging cables, printers, cash drawers and barcode scanners. You can view available accessories in the Square Shop or check compatibility across all devices on our Hardware Compatibility Page.

Dock for Square Reader

Left: Square Reader (1st generation) with Square Dock (sold separately).
Right: Square Reader (2nd generation) with Bosstab Dock (sold separately).

The white Dock for Square Reader is only compatible with the Square Reader (1st generation). The grey Bosstab Dock is compatible with both generations of Square Reader - Square Reader (1st generation) and Square Reader (2nd generation). 

Learn more about docks for Square Reader.

Infinite Peripherals® Case for Square Reader (1st and 2nd generation)

Attach the Square Reader to your iPad Mini (4th or 5th generation) with this slim and flexible protective case. With a removable hand strap that enables you to securely hold the iPad, the case makes it easier and safer to take chip + PIN and contactless payments when you’re on the go.

Infinite Peripherals® Case for Square Reader (2nd generation) 

Attach the Square Reader to your iPad Mini (6th generation). This slim and flexible protective case makes it easier to take secure payments like chip cards, Apple Pay, and Google Pay when you’re on the go. The removable hand strap helps you hold the iPad while taking payments.  Square Reader and iPad Mini are not included.

Extended 2m USB-C Cable for Square Reader (2nd generation)

The Square Reader (2nd generation) comes with a 0.8 metre USB-C cable. You can upgrade to a longer 2 metre USB-C cable to keep your Square Reader charged and powered all day. This cable is compatible with Bosstab Dock (sold separately).

Other Accessories

Compatible cash drawers, receipt printer, receipt paper and more can be found on the Square Shop.

Learn more about compatible devices on our Hardware Compatibility Page.

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