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Create Custom Invoice Fields

WithSquare Invoices Plus, you can add custom invoice fields that show up on your customers’ invoices. Custom invoice fields let you provide additional details on invoices, such as your terms of service, cancellation policy, return policy or any other personalised message. You can customise the field details and choose where to place them on your invoices, all from your Square Dashboard or Invoices app.

Create Custom Invoice Fields

  1. From your Square Dashboard, go to Invoices > Create invoice.

  2. Select the location for the invoice.

  3. Add the basic invoice details and save your default message.

  4. Select your default payment settings and communication method.

  5. Under More Options, find ‘Custom fields’, and select Add custom fields.

  6. Add the field title and text.

  7. Choose the field placement. You can have your custom fields appear above or below the line item.

  8. Click Save.

Note: You can only add two customised fields to an invoice.

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