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Connect and Manage Hardware with the Square App

Connecting hardware with the Square Point of Sale app is made easy using Square’s status bar and hardware hub – a centralised in-app system where you can: 

  • View which Square or third-party hardware is connected to your device. 

  • Set up new hardware. 

  • Configure existing hardware.

  • View detailed information for each connected hardware.  

You have a quick overview of actions that need attention, so you can keep business going seamlessly. 

The status bar will provide live alerts or connectivity issues regarding your Square hardware or third-party accessories. Tapping on the status bar will allow you to easily connect and manage your settings on a mobile device, iPad or Android tablet. 

Note: This feature is not yet available on Square Terminal or Square Register. 

Learn more about connecting hardware or third-party accessories to your device via our Support Center.

Status Bar

Connecting Square hardware or third-party accessories will highlight various messages when pairing, connecting, troubleshooting, updating or whilst taking payments.

Status Bar Definitions

Below is a guide on how to read the status bar, particularly for Square Reader and Square Stand:

Terminology Definition
Status Bar Icon The status bar will display a tick ✔️ if your hardware or third-party accessories are connected successfully, a yellow dot 🟡 for a warning (for example if your reader is low on battery), or a red dot 🔴 if there is a connectivity issue.
Status Bar Text The text will highlight which hardware is connected. If the hardware or third-party accessory is not listed, it is not connected.
Status Bar Banner When you see a banner that takes up the whole status bar, there are issues that need to be addressed. Tap the banner for more details.
Status Bar Colour Definition
Grey or Black The status bar will appear in grey by default or black in dark mode.
Yellow If there are issues that may impair the use of hardware or third-party accessories, the status bar will turn yellow.
Red If the internet is completely disconnected or payments are disabled, the status bar will turn red.

Square Reader Status Bar Definitions

Reader Description
Turn on Bluetooth to connect Reader Ensure your device’s Bluetooth setting is turned on to pair your hardware— such as a Square Reader or barcode scanner, through BLE.
Press button Reader to connect Hold down the reader until the lights flash orange, then let go to pair. On your device, press pair to confirm.
Checking Reader for updates The reader will automatically update its software. You won’t be able to take payments while your reader is updating.
Reader Not Ready – Tap Here to Learn More Tap the orange bar to resolve the reader issue.
⚠️ Updating Reader - Keep Square open Keep the Square POS app open until the update has 100% completed .
✔️ Reader Your reader has updated and successfully connected to your device.
⚠️ Reader - low battery Battery is low — charge immediately to continue taking card payments.
⚠️ Urgent reader issue Your reader may be tampered or inactive for security reasons. Tap the banner for more information.
Offline Your reader is not taking payments. Tap the banner to resolve — check your reader’s battery, internet connection, and other device settings.

Square Stand Status Bar Definitions

Status Bar Definition
✔️ Stand Ready - Stand Connected A ✔️ tick appears when your stand is successfully powered, connected, and ready to take payments.
🟡 Stand Will Briefly Disconnect The yellow status bar indicates the stand is rebooting during a firmware update.
🟡 Updating Stand - Keep app open A percentage indicator will appear in this yellow status bar. Keep the Square app open during this update.
🔴 Stand Firmware - Update Failed A red status bar will appear. To resolve, turn the power on/off, update your Square app, then try to start the stand again.

Hardware Hub

To navigate to your hardware hub and manage your settings, connectivity and more, simply tap the status bar or follow these steps:

  1. From the Square app, tap the three horizontal lines. 

  2. Tap Hardware.


Your hardware hub will display the following settings:

  • All connected printers. Note: The hardware hub will not show network printers without Printer Stations. Learn how to create printer stations on iOS and Android devices.

  • Printer type: Receipt or label.

  • Compatible paper.

  • Connection type: USB, Ethernet or Bluetooth.

Print test: Tap Print test to ensure your settings are correct.
Printer Station: Tap Edit to name your printer (for instance ‘Bar Printer’) and select the ticket and receipt types sent to this printer.
Queue: Tap View history to view a list of receipts and order tickets, and cancel or reprint any failed dockets.

Barcode Scanners

Your hardware hub will display the following settings:

  • All connected barcode scanners. 

  • Connection type: Bluetooth or USB. 

For USB scanners: There are no messages on error messages. 
For Bluetooth scanners (Socket and PICA):
We have specific messages when there are scanner errors or issues with Security Mode.

Learn how to connect bar code scanners to Square Point of Sale.

Cash Drawers

There is no messaging for cash drawer connectivity.

Learn how to troubleshoot your cash drawer.

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