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Customise Store Emails

When customers make a purchase through your store or take other actions on your website, they’ll automatically receive email notifications related to the type of purchase or action.

These emails are:

  • Abandoned Basket: This is sent out when a customer adds an item to the basket but does not complete the purchase. You can adjust the settings for these emails separately.

  • Gift Card Sent: Sent when a customer has purchased a gift card from your shop.

  • Order Confirmation: Sent after a customer completes a purchase. This email contains details about the transaction. If the order includes digital items, a link to the download is included.

  • Items Dispatched: Sent when you mark an order as dispatched via the Orders section of your shop dashboard.

  • Items Refunded: Sent when you refund order items via the Orders section of your dashboard.

  • Items Cancelled: Sent when you cancel order items via the Orders section of your dashboard.

  • Item Reviews: If you have customer reviews enabled, this email is sent after a set period of time passes from when a customer makes a purchase.

You can customise these emails by going to Settings > Store Emails on your dashboard.

Note: A Sender Profile, which includes your contact information, is required in order to customise Store Emails. This information displays in the footer of every email. If you choose not to set up a Sender Profile, customers will still receive automatic email notifications using the default style.


If you’ve already entered your business information in Settings > General you’ll see that here. Click Add Profile to create a new Sender Profile, or click Edit Profile to edit an existing one.
To edit an existing profile, click the edit link and update the information, then click save. To add a new profile, click the Add New link and fill in the form fields, then save.

Tip: You can optionally enter a separate reply-to email address for your sender profile, which will automatically make that address the recipient if a customer replies to one of your store emails. If you leave this field blank, replies are sent to the email entered in your Sender Profile.

You’ll need to verify newly-added email addresses, so keep an eye on your inbox for the email verification message. If you don’t see the verification email, you can use the link under the saved profile to resend the message.


You can customise store emails in two ways:

  • Change the overall appearance of all notification emails using the Edit Email Theme button

  • Modify individual email templates using the ‘. . .’ button across from each email in the Email Previews section.


To change the theme, click Edit Email Theme and then click on Choose Theme. Pick one of the layouts to apply to your emails, then click Continue to access more options.


Click anywhere on the sample email to open the settings for fonts and colours. These settings apply to all store emails, and allow you to change the font preset, size, formatting and colour of the following items:

Title: The large, headline-style text in the email.
Subtitle: Smaller headline-style text in the email.
Text: The main body text of the email.
Logo: Text used to display your business name on the email (if you don’t have a logo image).

Make any changes you want, then click Apply Theme to return to the main Store Emails page. Click the ‘. . .’ button across from any email and select Edit Email to customise the look of that email.


This will open the email editor, which works in much the same way as the website editor. You can’t change every detail of the notification emails – some content is automatically generated and specific to each order, so it can’t be removed or edited (for example, the Order Number) – but you can add more content and customise the look of the email. Drag elements from the left side of the window over to your email and drop them in place to insert them, then click on the element to access its settings and add your own content. You can also click on a section to resize it, move it up or down on the page and change the background. Click the Design button at the upper left to access the font and colour settings. When you’re finished making changes, click the Save and Close button to return to the main Store Emails page.

You can customize any of the store emails in the same way, or choose to leave the default styles and content in place if you wish. If you want to preview an email, just click the ‘. . .’ button next to any email and select ‘Send Test Email’ to see how it looks – a sample will be sent to the email address on file for your account.

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