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My Reader is not accepting credit cards

If you are having trouble accepting EMV or tap transactions:

  1. Ensure that your reader is fully charged and that you have a strong Wi-Fi or mobile data connection.

  2. If the reader and device are more than 3 metres apart, move your reader and device closer when in use.

  3. Verify that your reader is connected:

    • Tap the three horizontal lines in your Square app.

    • Tap Settings > Hardware > Card Readers.

    • Check that the four numbers in your settings match your reader’s serial number.

  4. Make sure you press charge in the Square App. You should see a single green light on the reader before you ask your customer to make the payment.

  5. Check that the chip on your customer’s card is facing up.

  6. Keep your customer’s card in the reader until prompted to remove the card.

  7. Confirm that your customer’s card has a chip, meaning it’s EMV-enabled.