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Accept Donations with Square Online

Efficiently manage sales with Square Online

Square Online accepts and manages orders, both online and in-store from social and mobile showroom to stockroom, for today and tomorrow.

With donation items in Square Online, you can accept donations of up to £4,000 on your website. Donors can choose any preset suggested amounts or enter their own, making the process of supporting a cause people care about seamless and easy.

Learn more about items and categories in Square Online. You can also check out the Square Online for Non-Profits FAQs.

Create a Donation Item

To add a donation item:

  1. From your Square Online Overview page, go to Items > Site Items.

  2. Select Create new item.

  3. In the Item Type menu, choose Donation.

  4. Under Donation Settings, enter suggested donation amounts to display on the item page and toggle the option to allow donors to enter a custom amount.

  5. Complete all other details and select Save when finished.

Note: Donations are non-refundable, and made voluntarily without exchange of goods or services. A donor must read and tick a box to accept this disclaimer before donating.

Customise Your Donation Item


When creating your donation item, be sure to add a title, a detailed description about your cause and a photo. Learn more about product images in Square Online.

After entering the basic information for your item, you can customise the suggested donation amounts under Donation Settings. By default, a custom amount option is also included for donations, which allows donors to set their own price instead of choosing one of the preset amounts. If you don’t want to offer this option, use the toggle to turn it off.

You can also set up modifiers for donation items. For example, you might include a text modifier to allow donations in memory of another person.

Finally, you can add an optional title and description to the SEO settings to make your item discoverable in search engine results. Learn more about how to optimise your items and categories for search.

Feature Donations on Your Site

You can feature your donation items on your site to help increase visibility for potential donors. Learn more about featured items in Square Online.

Note: If you haven’t created a donation item yet, you can create one without leaving the editor. Learn more about adding a new item and category to Square Online in the site editor.

Limit Availability of Donation Items

You can restrict donations (and other non-physical items) to only the locations you’ve set up for delivery. It’s okay if you’re not actually selling anything that needs to be delivered – these settings also control who’s allowed to donate on your site. Learn how to limit availability for non-physical items in Square Online.

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