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Square for Restaurants Pricing

Learn your monthly cost and processing rate with Square for Restaurants.

Locations & Devices

Square for Restaurants Plus has a monthly subscription cost of £69 per location, and includes unlimited terminals running the Restaurants POS app.

Note: Your subscription pricing is the same across all locations on your account. For example, if one location has a subscription for Restaurants Plus, then another location for the same account will not have access to the Restaurants Free Plan.

Processing Fee

When you swipe, insert or tap a customer’s card through the Square for Restaurants app, your processing fee will be 1.75% per transaction. For all other types of transactions (such as manually keyed-in payments), you’ll pay Square’s standard processing fee.

<td style="background-colour:transparent", rowspan = "2">
1.75%</td> </tr>
<td style="background-colour:transparent", rowspan = "1">
2.9% + 30¢</td>
</table> ## 24/7 Priority Support Your Square for Restaurants account includes 24/7 Technical Support from a dedicated team. This means you can give our team a call using your unique customer code – no matter how early or late – and we can help troubleshoot technical issues you may be experiencing. Our team is here to get you back up and running.
Payment Type</td> </tr>
  • Swiped Magstripe Cards
  • Swiped or Inserted Chip and PIN Cards
  • Contactless (NFC) Payments
  • Keyed-In Cards
  • eCommerce