Introducing the Square Point of Sale API for Android

In March, we announced Square’s payment APIs, a collection of tools to help sellers and the developers they work with run every part of their business in one place. One of these tools was the Square Point of Sale API, which allows you to customize any iOS point-of-sale (POS) system to process Square payments.

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This has been a huge help to sellers who previously had to cobble together multiple point-of-sale systems depending on the type of purchase.

“We were forced to use a secondary POS for online purchases, which made accounting problematic, as well as disrupted the flow of our purchase process,” recalls Andrew Parkes, director of marketing at EPH Apparel, a nationwide retailer of affordable, custom-made menswear.

The Square Point of Sale API changed all that. “By utilizing the API, we were able to consolidate all our sales data and provide a seamless purchase experience for EPH customers as well as our growing network of personal style reps across Canada.”

Now we’re excited to announce the release of the Square Point of Sale API for Android, which will give Square sellers even more tools to run their businesses simply and efficiently. You can now work with a developer to build custom Android point-of-sales applications, providing even more flexibility for credit card payments.

Maybe you want a custom POS app for your lawn care service company, an on-the-floor checkout system for your retail business, an optimized cart and membership funnel for your winery or a self-checkout process for your doggie daycare. Now it’s all possible on Android systems. In fact, all you need is three lines of code and a downloaded version of your custom app to start taking payments.

The Point of Sale API for Android is compatible with all Square hardware and seamlessly integrates with Square’s software and services — all with the same fair and transparent pricing and financial services we’ve always provided. It’s just another part of our commitment to building out Square’s commerce platform to give merchants simple and elegant solutions to build and grow their businesses. Now get to work customizing!