The United States and Canada Order Very Differently

Sure, there’s hockey. Accents. Celine Dion. But here’s another way to stack Canada against the United States: food. We took a look at Square data to get a picture of how Canadians like to modify their breakfast and lunch orders. Some key takeaways: “Supersize me” is not so much a thing up there. Medium represents 78% of all beverage orders. In other throwdowns, it’s ketchup over mayonnaise, chicken over beef, and bacon over sausage.

Canada infographic

So how does Canada compare to the United States? There are some important differences. In the eternal soda (well, pop in Canada) debate, Pepsi is decidedly our northern neighbors’ preference. And in a somewhat unexpected finding, Canadians appear to have more of a tolerance for heat. Spicy is a more popular modification than mild, while in the United States, it’s the reverse.

Canada v USA