Easy Ways for Larger Businesses to Make Every Sale Count This Season

You’ve successfully grown your business across multiple locations and now you’re getting ready for the holiday season to hit. Long lines can be frustrating for frazzled shoppers and you want to make the festive shopping experience as painless as possible. Whether you have a retail, food, or leisure business, here are three ways to make holiday shopping less ho-hum and more ho ho ho for your customers.

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Shorten lines.

A busy shop is a good thing — more customers mean more sales. But meeting that extra demand at the point of sale can be hard, and a lengthy line can turn away customers. Luckily, you can cut down the queue by grabbing a mobile point-of-sale (POS) device such as a card reader, plugging it into a tablet or smartphone, and having employees take orders on the fly.

Go mobile.

Banish the predictable line leading to a checkout counter altogether. When associates have a card reader with them, they can help customers find what they need and then accept payment anywhere in the store.

Get outside.

You may consider hosting a pop-up in a new area of the city or across the country to provide an unexpected customer experience and appeal to an additional demographic. Until recently, taking card payments outside a fixed location was a headache, especially without electricity or a fixed internet connection. Now, events, pop-ups and outdoor markets are all much more accessible. Not to mention, they can help to build your brand as you expand or bring on additional help for the holidays.

A mobile POS offers a lightweight, easy and powerful way to take payments. Smartphones and tablets using a card reader can be used unplugged and can even accept payments with Offline Payments when needed.

Giving your sales team the tools to make them mobile elevates your customer service to a whole new level and gives shoppers another thing to be jolly about this holiday season.