5 Ways Social Media Marketing Can Boost Your Business During the Holidays

The holidays are an especially busy time for everyone. And with so many other competitors blasting ads to buyers, how do you stand out from the competition? Meet your potential clients where they already are engaged: on their smartphones. Social media has changed the way marketers plan campaigns and target their audience. By incorporating a few tricks into your PR plans, you can boost your business sales even during a hectic holiday. Here are five proven ways that work:

1. Create a Campaign Calendar

Start early. Holiday marketing plans and actions should begin as early as September. You want to get your followers thinking about your brand even before they have planned their gift lists!

If you publish holiday-themed blog posts to share on your social media channels, then write them in advance and use scheduling tools to create a campaign calendar. Then, when the holidays roll around, you’re not rushed to produce relative content. This also gives your marketing team (or yourself) time to go over and edit texts. If you have used holiday themes in the past, it’s no problem to repurpose old blog posts or social media updates with slight tweaking for your followers and fans.

2. Hold a Holiday Sweepstakes Contest

A great way to engage with your audience and give your brand exposure is by creating a social media contest. If you need another product as a prize, partner with sponsors to create more buzz and reach an even wider audience.

Through platforms like Facebook and Instagram, you can create virtual buyer personas that help you target your audience. A good idea with contests is to have multiple prizes available.

Example: If you sell a product, ask fans to take a picture with your product, then upload it to your Business Social Media page, using pre-planned hashtags. Encourage contestants to spread the word about your sweepstakes by posting about their entries on other platforms, too. Using the hashtags consistently will help get your brand trending and noticed by those who would otherwise never hear about it.

3. Think Festive, Behind-the-Scenes Engagement

We tend to click on a post or share something on social media because it makes us feel good. Festivities are a perfect time to spread fun and joy with your followers.

One successful marketing route is to create fun experiences for your audience. Use live-streaming to go behind the scenes of your company. Invite people to see how you create a product, or celebrate a particular holiday. Facebook Live, Instagram Stories, and Periscope are all easy tools to utilize.

4. Offer Discounts and Gift Cards

Yes, it’s an old trick of the book, but one that usually works when folks are trying to stretch their money, but can’t help spending during festivities.

You should always offer a special holiday-themed sale and present your products as the perfect gift to give someone else. If people buy your products in bulk, create appealing discounts and always offer store gift cards, too.

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5. Make It About Others

The holidays are a commercial season, no doubt. But remind your audience that charity never goes out of style. Use the occasion to support causes you truly care about, and get your fans involved, too.

By creating a way for online payments to benefit your favorite charities and volunteer organizations, you not only give back, but you create a greater sense of value around your product.

One Final Tip

Remember, however, that people will always know when you are being authentic, and when it’s just for show. Use the holiday season as a way to connect on a personal level through social media with your followers.

Think about how you can make point of sales a better experience for them and meet their needs. Chances are, they’ll come back to your brand, and bring a host of other fans with them, too.

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