10 More Business Apps You Can Sync with Square

Have you visited Square App Marketplace yet? It’s full of awesome apps that sync with the Square system to bring more insights and simplicity to your business. In May, we highlighted 15 business apps you can sync with Square, and since then we’ve added 10 new ones. They’re designed to help you with everything from staff scheduling to real-time costing, all to get you a little closer to running a business at the touch of a button (or two).

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Online stores.


Take Square payments online with a WooCommerce store, the most customizable e-commerce platform on the web. The WooCommerce system allows you to sync item and inventory changes online and offline to help you keep track of sales and ordering in both places at once.

Account management.


Shogo syncs Square Point of Sale with QuickBooks Desktop to keep your sales and bank transfers accurate and up to date. Map your point-of-sale system (POS) data to your accounting system to keep track of revenues, taxes and tenders.

Inventory management.


DEAR provides advanced inventory and order management features for small- to medium-size businesses in the cloud. Track the costs associated with your production cycle from manufacturing to dispatch, examine your entire purchasing history and stay on top of inventory.


Improve restaurant profitability with MarketMan, a cloud inventory management system that tracks real-time food costs and provides data on waste, plus features for stocktaking and reordering. Remote access means that employees can be supervised from anywhere.

Time tracking and scheduling.


Cloud-based Humanity simplifies your staff scheduling, time tracking and communications with conflict prevention and shift forecasting for ease of collaborative scheduling. Automatic staff updates make communication a breeze.

When I Work

Schedule, communicate and track your employees’ time with When I Work. The app’s online scheduling system sends staff alerts so they know which shifts to take and accommodates real-time changes to save an average of eight hours of scheduling time a week.


Build a better workplace with Deputy. Streamline employee management, time tracking, communication and more. Deputy manages attendance, task delegation and scheduling to give you more time to focus on your business.


TSheets helps with mobile time tracking, invoicing and job costs. It also syncs with Xero and QuickBooks to help integrate your POS and time tracking with your accounting systems. The app’s simple, streamlined payroll also makes it easy to stay on top of your staffing costs.

Booking and dispatching.


Get all your information in one place with this booking, dispatching and billing platform for small- and medium-size teams on the go. Use Breezeworks to track technicians in the field and organize customers, jobs and invoices using any mobile device.


ShipStation is a leader in order fulfillment, automation and shipping through UPS, FedEx and other carriers. Online sellers can save time and money on the shipping and fulfillment process by using ShipStation’s discounted rates, efficient label processing and order management functionality across multiple e-commerce platforms.

Check out Square App Marketplace for more great apps to sync with your Square system and make your life easier.