Attach a Contract to Your Square Transactions Online

You can link contracts to specific payments in your online Square Dashboard, either from the Transactions page or when you create a new Square Appointment.

By attaching contracts to transactions you can keep track of all the important information about a particular sale in one place. This process is also a good dispute management practice if a customer ever disputes a payment.

Attach a Contract to a Transaction

  1. Go to Transactions in your online Square Dashboard.

  2. Select the transaction to see the transaction details.

  3. Click , then select Attach a contract from the drop-down menu.

  4. Use the search tool to select the contract you want to attach, then select Save.

Add a Contract to an Appointment

When you enable the Square Appointments integration from your Square Appointments settings, Square automatically generates a contract with the customer’s details provided upon requesting a booking using the template you chose in the settings for that business location. Any payments made towards that appointment will be associated with the contract automatically.

To enable contracts with Square Appointments:

  1. Go to Customers > Appointments in your online Square Dashboard.

  2. Click Settings > Communications.

  3. Under Digital customer contracts, toggle on Send a digital contract to all customers upon booking.

  4. Select the contract template.

  5. Click Done > Save.

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