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Create and Customise Square Contract Templates

Square Contracts is a tool that helps you manage all your important business interactions in one place while offering extra protection from costly disputes. You can send contracts using customisable Contract Templates from your online Square Dashboard.

What is a Contract Template?

Creating brand-new templates for every single customer interaction takes a lot of time. With our Contract Templates feature, you can create a customised template for each type of engagement and save it to use again and again.

Contract Templates offer lots of customisation options, letting you create tailored templates that fit your business needs for any occasion or situation. You can customise pre-existing templates or build your own and save to use again later. When creating your contract, you can also send your template to up to 20 recipients, helping you save time. So the next time you’re ready to create a contract, you don’t have to start from scratch.

How to create a contract template

  • Navigate to Contract Templates from your Square Dashboard. To get there from your Dashboard home page, go to Account & Settings > Business > Contract Templates.

  • You can now choose to create a new template from scratch or customise one based on a pre-existing Square standard template.

new template

Create a customised template from scratch

  • To create a customised template from scratch, select the New template card under Customised templates.

  • Name your template and add a description to help you keep track of it on your Dashboard (this is especially useful if you might need several types of customised templates).

new contract
  • Next, add your contract information and select the clauses you want to include in your contract.

Note: You’ll need to include at least one clause before you can save your customised template.

  • When finished, your saved contract will appear on your Dashboard.

existing clause

Create a customised template from a predefined template

  • Creating a customised template based on one of Square’s predefined templates is similar to creating one from scratch. Start by selecting the Square template you want to start with from Standard templates.

  • Next click on duplicate on the bottom right-hand side of the screen. This will create a copy of the Square predefined template for you to customise and edit.

edit custom template
  • Edit the template and contract information to help you keep track of the new template (this is especially useful if you might need several types of customised templates).

  • You can add, delete and edit the clauses in your template.

  • Save your contract when finished.

The next time you log in to your Contracts Dashboard, your new customised templates will be available under Customised templates.

Disclaimer: We’re glad to offer you tools to help improve your business. But it’s important to note that Square is not a law firm and this does not constitute legal advice. Square provides these templates to individuals who choose to prepare their own contractual documents for their private use. If you need legal advice as to the accuracy, sufficiency or enforceability of specific contract terms, you should consult a practising lawyer.

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