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GDPR for Sellers on How to Make a GDPR Request

Square is committed to protecting our customers’ privacy rights under the GDPR. While we cannot give you legal advice, we’ve created Support Centre articles to help you understand how you can use Square’s tools to meet your GDPR compliance obligations and service your own GDPR requests.

As you are probably aware, the GDPR grants various rights to EU residents including the ability to make certain requests from data controllers who handle their personal data (which may be subject to some limitations and exceptions).

Square is a data controller of Square sellers’ personal data. For more information on what the various GDPR terms mean, please visit Square’s GDPR FAQ.

Square sellers have the ability to look after many of their own GDPR requests directly in their online Square Dashboard. In the Square Dashboard, Square sellers can manage their personal data in various ways, including updating their personal data, downloading a machine readable and interoperable form of their personal data or deleting certain personal data.

For additional Square seller GDPR requests or if you are having difficulty managing the process yourself, contact us here.

*This article is intended to offer helpful guidance, and should not be interpreted as legal advice.

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