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Customer Engagement for Multiple Location Businesses

If you’re using Square to manage multiple business locations, you can use our customer engagement tools to view and interact with customers from each location. Just visit each section in Customers in your online Square Dashboard and select the location you’d like to view data for, or send marketing emails from, in the dropdown menu.

Customer Directory and Multiple Locations

Your Customer Directory is a single list that includes customers that visit all of your locations. The directory can be managed from either your master dashboard or an individual location’s dashboard.

Because these lists used to be separate, you may want to check your directory and merge any duplicate entries.

Loyalty and Multiple Locations

If your business has more than one location, you can create a Loyalty programme, that will work at any or all of your locations Your customers can earn points and redeem rewards at any of your locations. Learn more about creating a loyalty programme for multiple locations.

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