The Square Christmas Tree Report

Choosing a Christmas tree is one of the most festive parts of the holiday season. And if you don’t want to get stuck with a sad little Charlie Brown sapling, you’ll want to make sure you pick the right time to shop. We’ve crunched 2015 Square data from holiday markets and Christmas tree lots to help you identify the best days to find the perfect tree.

dashboard photo

December marks the official start of the Christmas countdown and the first two weekends are peak times for tree hunting — the spikes in the graph show that the second weekend is the busiest, so be prepared to fight over that flawless Douglas fir on December 10–11.

Weekdays — especially Mondays and Tuesdays — are your best bet. We’d recommend going December 6 or 12, when inventory is still high.

How much are people paying for the perfect tree? Prices rise as you go west — in Ontario the average price of a tree is $27, in Manitoba it’s $32, in Alberta it’s $34 and British Columbians are paying the most for their festive fauna with an average price of $39 a tree.

Round up your crew of loved ones and get out there — the right tree awaits whether you opt for a Douglas fir (the favourite in BC) or a white spruce (Alberta’s most popular tree).

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