Accept Payments from Your Computer with Square Virtual Terminal

Today, we’re giving Canadian businesses a new way to accept payment with Square — Virtual Terminal. Virtual Terminal gives you the ability to accept payments directly from your computer.

While your smartphone or tablet is a vital business tool, we heard from many sellers that they rely on their computers for back-office operations. Their computer allows them access to tools and features that might not be available or optimized for iOS or Android devices.

Virtual Terminal

With Virual Terminal, if you’re manually keying in a transaction, you no longer need a separate device to process the payment — simply log in to your Square Dashboard from your web browser, enter the details and the payment will be complete in seconds.

Virtual Terminal is the ideal tool for professional service providers, contractors, and all those who run their entire business from their computer and don’t need to regularly accept payments from their customers face to face.

Virtual Terminal was built based on seller feedback, and we’ve incorporated as many features as possible to make it as seamless as possible to accept keyed-in cards.

  • No need for extra devices: Accept mail order, telephone and business payments quickly and securely from your web browser or Square Dashboard. No additional hardware required.
  • Send digital receipts: Personalize your digital receipt and send to your customers via SMS or email.
  • See every payment: Track every payment you accept alongside every other payment processed with Square (whether that’s face to face, online or using Square Invoices) in your Dashboard.
  • Get paid fast: Enter your customer’s card information, click Charge, and that’s it. You get your funds as fast as the next business day.

Nathan Sally, owner of a seasonal snow removal service, Metro Wellington Civic, in Ottawa, has been using Virtual Terminal to simplify the process of accepting keyed-in card payments.

His office staff often take payments over the phone and, before, they would have to stop what they were doing to push a payment through the app on their phone.

With Virtual Terminal, Nathan and his office staff are now able to take payments on any device, at the office or at home, while staying on the phone with their clients.

Learn more about Square Virtual Terminal here.