5 Last-Minute Ways to Celebrate Moms This Mother's Day

Take advantage of the last-minute retail rush by implementing some Mother’s Day marketing tactics to bring customers into your business.

Of course, there’s not just one type of mom out there, so tailor your marketing approach to the children and spouses and partners of the type of woman that your business appeals to. Get creative and have fun with it, but remember the most important person here: mom.

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1) Offer a user-friendly gift guide.

As well intentioned as spouses and adult children may be, shopping for mom is often a last-minute affair. Make it easy on customers by curating a selection of great items, but don’t overthink it with complicated categories. Instead, just organize the items by price and stick to options with wide appeal. Make sure to offer store gift cards, too, so moms are sure to get what they really want.

2) Upgrade shipping options.

Back to that whole last-minute shopping thing — buyers need to get their purchases to mom in time, too. Free shipping might be prohibitively expensive for your business, but consider offering expedited shipping with purchases of a certain amount.

3) Create e-cards.

Try making your own Mother’s Day cards on a free e-card site, or commission an artist to create custom designs that celebrate both typical and nontraditional mother-and-child relationships. You can even create some fun cards for all the dog and cat moms out there.

4) Host a “moms off duty” event.

Sometimes running errands solo is the only time moms can get a break, so treat them to a day of in-store pampering with express manis, chair massages, and touch-up makeovers, plus sweet treats, bubbly, and shopping discounts. Promote the event via social media and ask users to tag their friends to spread the word. If you know who your mom customers are, send them an email invite.

5) Treat moms to a little something extra.

On Mother’s Day, offer your mom customers a small token of appreciation to brighten their day, like a small coffee or cookie if you have a cafe, a complimentary add-on at your salon, or flowers.

However you choose to celebrate, don’t forget to get the word out about your promotions via social media and email to share your offerings with customers for Mom’s special day.