Square announces QR-based self-serve ordering feature for restaurants using Square Online

29 Sep 2020

Enables buyers to place orders through their mobile device, preventing unnecessary physical contact with staff, at no additional charge to the business

Today, more than ever, every sale matters for businesses of all types and sizes. This is especially true for restaurants who face additional challenges like thin margins, reduced capacity limits, and new stricter regulations. Now, with self-serve ordering, Square Online sellers can limit in-person contact, increase safety, improve order accuracy, and adapt to changing consumer preferences - all helping to ensure that they never miss a sale.

qr code

Restaurant patrons can simply scan the QR code with their personal device and place the order via the seller’s mobile-optimized ordering page. Completed orders are then received at the seller’s point of sale and relayed to their kitchen printers just as if the order was inputted directly by a server. When the order is ready, a food runner brings out the food to the table indicated on the ticket.

In addition to giving customers and staff peace of mind by limiting unnecessary interactions and shared surfaces, self-serve ordering can also increase efficiency and improve a restaurant’s bottom line. By removing wait times and improving the process for handling payment between waiters and patrons, self-serve ordering can improve table turn times and reduce labour costs. The feature can also improve order accuracy.

Every business across Canada has different needs, and using Square Online, restaurants can engage with their customers in the way that best suits their business - whether that’s via curbside pickup, delivery, or self-serve ordering.