A safe and diverse community of sellers

mar 31, 2015

We founded Square based on the idea that basic tools of commerce should be available to everyone, and we've continued to build our company on the principles of nondiscrimination and inclusion. Fairness drives a stronger, more productive marketplace for all – buyers and sellers, owners and employees, small businesses and global corporations – and we're proud to see the diversity of our country reflected in our sellers.

A new Indiana law allows businesses to discriminate against customers, particularly based on traits like sexual orientation. We believe this is wrong, contrary to our core values, and inconsistent with the ideas of fairness and access on which the American marketplace was built. There is no place in business for laws or practices which deny people access to goods and services based on who they are, what they look like, where they’re from, or whom they love.

Square is a safe and diverse community of sellers. Discrimination is not welcome in our community. We’ll continue to build tools that offer economic empowerment to all sellers regardless of their backgrounds. We hope others do the same.

Posted by: the Square team