Introducing Tools to Manage All Your Locations (Even if You Have 1,000)

jul 15, 2015

Opening one store is no small feat. But opening 40? Now you’re in the big leagues. Our mission at Square is to empower you every step of the way as an entrepreneur and help you grow into your ambitions — whether you’re just revving up or already on the road to becoming a full-blown franchise. And today, we’re excited to announce a new, powerful tool for larger businesses — Employee Management.

Employee Management offers a robust set of features that’s on par with what the biggest businesses have in their arsenal — at a fraction of the price. With Employee Management, you can easily oversee multiple locations from within one account, manage your employees, and view and act on detailed information about every part of your business, all in one place.

Here’s what it’s got:

Supercharged sales reports
Now you can filter your sales reports by employee, device, or location. So you can see which employees are ringing in the most, or which location did particularly well that day. You can download CSV files for simple reports or get an end-of-day report.

Open a new location in just a few clicks
Setting up a new location can be a ton of work. But Employee Management makes it much easier. Now you can import your item libraries from other locations, so you can start selling in your new store immediately. It’s also easy to customize item libraries by location — say, if you offer coffee and sandwiches at one of your shops, and only coffee at another.

Customized permission levels
Everyone has favorite employees. With customized permission levels, you can give your stellar employees access to more stuff. Assigning different roles to different employees is a snap to do — it’s all right in your Dashboard. You can assign people to be a Cashier (where they just have restricted access at the register), an Accountant (where they can view sales reports, transactions, and timecards), or an Administrator (where they can manage all aspects of your business). This is a handy feature if you’d like to take a (probably much needed) vacation.

Employee passcodes
You should never have to worry about the safety and security of your business. Employee passcodes keep things locked down. What’s more, you can keep track of who processed each transaction, all from your Dashboard. So it’s easy to keep tabs on what’s going on at each of your locations.

Built-in timecards
Keeping track of your employees’ hours is tedious. The timecards feature puts this on autopilot. Your employees can clock in or out right from the register. And you can monitor those hours (and make adjustments if they’re needed) remotely. So you don’t need to physically be at each of your locations to know who’s been working and when.

Track employee sales
You want to keep your best employees around. But how do you spot your superstars if you’re busy managing 10 locations? Now you can see revenue-per-labor-hour reports to help you find and reward your most efficient employees. You can also view which employees closed which cash drawers, which is generally good intel to have on hand.

Automatic tip reconciliation
Tips are awesome — but they can be a pain to sort out, especially when you’re tired at the end of the day. With Employee Management, you can say goodbye to math problems and speed up your closing time. Because you can see who logged in and out and when, you can easily allocate tips to employees who worked those shifts.

Mobile registers
Having a long line is a good problem to have. To make sure that queue moves quickly, you can outfit your staff with mobile registers. This is particularly helpful if you’re at an event or hosting a pop-up. A quicker line means more sales.

Employee Management is just $5 a month per employee. Get started with a 30-day trial.

Employee Management