Square Sellers Can Now Offer Gift Cards to Their Customers

nov 18, 2014

Square sellers can activate, redeem, and track gift cards through their Square Register

SAN FRANCISCO, November 18, 2014 — Today, Square introduced gift cards to its powerful Register service, empowering sellers to run an integrated gift cards program from their point of sale. Businesses can now offer, redeem, and track gift cards within their Square Register.

"Square is making it possible for businesses like ours to compete directly with large corporations," said Regeania Coleman, owner of Detroit-based Jungle Juice Bar. "Gift cards from Square offer the professional look and feel that customers expect without being unbelievably pricey for us to offer. Without Square, we wouldn't be in business."

Square continues to offer sellers of every size tools to make more sales and increase their bottom line. Gift cards through Square are simple to use and affordable, unlike other third-party gift card providers with complicated—and at times hidden—pricing structures.

Sellers can easily order gift cards directly from their Square Dashboard for fast setup and delivery. Priced at just $1.50 per card, the cards have no additional subscription, redemption, or transaction fees. Sellers can either upload their own custom design or choose a Square-designed template.

When a customer purchases a gift card, the funds from the activation are automatically deposited into the seller’s account just like other sales. Sellers don’t have to wait for the gift card to be redeemed. To redeem a gift card, sellers simply swipe the card like any credit or debit card, and the balance on the card automatically updates. Cards can be reloaded with additional value at any time.

Square Register is the most robust point-of-sale solution available, offering every tool sellers need to run their business, including inventory, invoices, analytics and reporting, online scheduling, customer feedback, third-party app integration, and now gift cards. For more information, visit www.square.com/gift-cards.

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