Square Unlocks Cash Drawer for Square Cash

feb 29, 2016

We introduced Square Cash as an easy-to-use personal finance tool that allows anyone to quickly send money to anyone else. Beginning today, Square Cash customers have the option to store money within the app with the new Cash Drawer feature. Cash Drawer gives anyone the ability to stash cash they receive directly in the app or add their own from their bank account, making it easier to set aside funds for future costs like dinners out with friends, or upcoming payments like your monthly rent.

When the Cash Drawer feature is turned on, anyone can keep all the payments they’ve received in one secure place and deduct from that stash to make payments. Anyone can access all funds in their Cash Drawer immediately by selecting the Cash Out button, instantly transferring the stored funds directly to their bank account.

Starting today, all Square Cash customers will be able to access the Cash Drawer and in the coming weeks customers will be able to access the Add Cash button in the app as well. We’re thrilled to provide our customers with even more ways to use Square Cash and keep track of their personal finances with the new Cash Drawer feature.

Cash Drawer Animation

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