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Add a Map to Your Site

If your business or organisation has locations that customers can visit, it’s helpful to include a map to that location on your site. And we have a built-in Google Maps element that helps you do just that.

Start by dragging the Maps element to a page on your site. It’s under the Basic category of elements.

add map

The map displays a small part of central San Francisco (home of Weebly!) by default.

Click on your map to open up the toolbox. You can make a number of changes from here.

map toolbox

The most important thing to change (unless you happen to be sitting exactly at the corner of Van Ness Avenue and Market Street in San Francisco) is the address. Enter your own address as Street Address, City, Country and this will update the map to the address you’ve entered.

new address map

And you can adjust several aspects of your map, including zoom level, width and height and position. If you’d rather enter a Lat/Long instead of an address, you can do so under Advanced Location.

map tools 2

You can add some helpful text (like directions or hours of operation) next to the map by dragging an element on right next to it. (You’ll see by the blue bar exactly where your element will be placed.)

text map

If you feel at all limited by our built-in Maps element, you’re also more than welcome to embed a map directly from (or a similar mapping tool).

Create the map in Google, click the Menu option next to the address and choose the ‘Share and embed‘ map option.

google map menu embed menu map

Select the ‘Embed map’ tab and copy the code they provide there.

embed map 2

Then paste this code to your site using our Embed Code element. Your map will show up as soon as you click out of the element.

google map embedded

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