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Create a Voucher in Square Online

Vouchers are a great way to incentivise your customers to buy your items. You can create three types of vouchers with different rules and restrictions. Customers enter the voucher code during checkout and see the discount immediately. All discounts are applied before tax and delivery rates.

Note: These coupons are different from Square discounts as they’re only for use in your online site.


To create a voucher, go to Items > Vouchers from your Square Online Overview page and click Add Voucher.


First, enter a code for your coupon. This is the text your customers will enter at checkout, so choose something that makes sense with the kind of discount you’re offering. You can use any combination of letters, numbers and special characters, and the code isn’t case-sensitive, so ‘SAVE10’ and ‘save10’ will both work, for example.

Next, decide how many people can use the coupon and how long it will be active. The default settings allow for unlimited use with no expiry date.

To limit the number of vouchers available, untick the ‘Unlimited’ option and enter the number of vouchers you want to allow (for example, you might want to limit the offer to the first 150 shoppers).

To an expiry date, click inside the Expiry date box and choose a date from the calendar. You can also set the starting date in the future if you want – this is handy if you’d like to set up seasonal discounts in advance. Dates are inclusive – that is, if you enter September 1st –15th September, the voucher will be valid on both 1st September and 15th September.

Finally, choose the type of discount and decide what it applies to.

Select a coupon type from the dropdown menu:

  • Percentage Discount: Discounts the purchase price based on the percentage you enter.

  • Pound Amount Discount: Discounts the purchase price based on the amount you enter.

  • Free Delivery: Removes delivery fees from an order. You’ll need to create delivery rates before setting up this type of voucher.

Choose what the coupon applies to from the dropdown menu:

  • All orders: The coupon is valid for all orders, as long as they meet any date restrictions you’ve set up.

  • Orders over a certain amount: The coupon will only be valid if the order is over a specific pound amount. Enter that amount in the field below. The amount is inclusive – that is, if the coupon is valid on orders over £10, and the order amount is £10, the coupon will be valid.

  • Specific categories: The coupon applies to items that are included in the category you choose. Click the link to select one or more categories for this coupon.

  • Specific items: The coupon applies only to the items you select here. Click the link to pick one or more items you want to include.

Note: You can’t set a discount for only certain item options.. For example, if you’re selling T-shirts in multiple sizes and colours, the discount will apply to any size or colour available for that T-shirt.

Save when you’re finished to return to the Coupons list and view the details for all coupons. Click on any coupon to make changes. To delete a coupon, click the tick box on the left and use the Delete button on the upper right. You can delete multiple coupons at once by ticking more than one box.