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Best Practices for Open Tickets

Once you’re ready to start using Open Tickets, check out these helpful tips to keep your business running smoothly.

Editing Tickets and Payment

  • If there are changes to your customer’s order, you can modify an open ticket before the sale is completed. Once you’ve processed your customer’s payment, the ticket is closed and can no longer be edited.

  • Item quantities can’t be adjusted from an open ticket.

  • Open tickets don’t expire and will remain open until you’ve deleted or completed the sale.

Team Members and Open Tickets

  • If you’re using Square’s team management features, team members with the permission View All Open Tickets For All Team Members can merge and view any open tickets at the location they are signed in to. Team members without this permission are only able to view and merge tickets they’ve created.

  • When an open ticket is closed, only one team member will receive credit for a sale. While it’s not currently possible to give sale credit to multiple team members, your team can transfer open tickets between themselves.

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