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Buyers can purchase from merchants using Square to process credit cards in person, over the phone or by emailed invoice. If you don’t recognise a charge that may be from a Square merchant, this article will help you understand next steps.

You can view and print receipts for purchases from merchants using Square with our transaction search.

Identify Square Purchases

If you make a purchase with a merchant who uses Square to accept payments in person, over the phone or by emailed invoice, the characters SQ* or gosq.com, the merchant’s name or business name and business type will appear on your credit card statement. Charges can appear on your statement in a few different ways. For example:

  • The bakery Sweet Dozen would appear as “SQ* SWEET DOZEN BAKERY” on your statement.

  • A bakery merchant with no business name would appear as “SQ* BAKERY JOHN SMITH” on your statement.

  • An individual selling baked goods would appear as “SQ* JOHN SMITH” on your statement.

If you see gosq.com on your statement, this represents a purchase made with a Square seller. If you don’t recognise the charge from the description, you can look up the purchase here.

If you do not recognise the merchant name on your statement, try to recall where you were on the date of the transaction and what you might have purchased. To help jog your memory, you may want to review the following questions:

  • Did you travel in a taxi, visit an outdoor market or eat at a food truck?

  • Did you insert or tap or swipe your card in/on a white square card reader attached to their mobile device (smartphone or tablet)?

  • Did you make a phone, mail or invoice payment around the time of the charge?

  • Did you receive an electronic receipt over email or text message?

  • Have you looked up your receipt?

If you’re able to locate the contact information and recall your purchase, you can contact the merchant directly to learn more about your payment.

If you still don’t recognise the charge and are unable to contact the merchant, you can also contact us for more information or contact your bank to dispute the payment. We’ll provide public information that may help you remember the charge.

Unrecognised or Disputed Charges

Most major credit card companies offer payment dispute services for unauthorised charges or charges that were not delivered as expected. If a purchased item or service was not delivered or was not delivered as expected, we recommend contacting the merchant directly to resolve the issue. If you’re unable to contact the merchant, or if you are certain that a charge is unauthorised, contact your bank or credit institution for further assistance.

Please know that Square is unable to provide refunds on behalf of Square merchants.

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