Sage and Square

Two simple tools, one seamless experience

Square and Sage integrate so that you get clear insights into how your business is doing. From the moment you capture sales and payments to reconciling your accounts, both tools integrate to give you one seamless experience.

  • See a daily breakdown of sales and group them by product or category

  • Match regional tax values to accounts in Sage Accounting

  • Sync settlement transactions

  • Save hours in manual data entry

  • Expert support provided by Square partner, Amaka

Learn more about integrating Square with Sage via Amaka.

Sage Integration Overview

Detailed Itemised Data

Data feeds that send transaction info from your Square account directly to Sage.

Express Setup

Activate the integration within a few minutes and a few clicks. Setting up using the Express mode, the integration creates and maps all necessary accounts for you.

Dedicated Amaka Customer Support

Customer support is hosted and handled by our development partner, Amaka. You can book a one-on-one support session with an Integration Specialist to learn more, troubleshoot the integration or get help optimising your Square and Sage integration.

Multi-location support

Sync all active locations into your Sage BCA organisation account. Connect Square to single or multiple Sage BCA files.

Sales Categorisation

Group sales by product or category. Map income accounts to show a breakdown of sales. Map products or categories to relevant income accounts

Settlement Sync

Sync Square Fees to an expense account. Easily match the Square deposit bank transaction to the transfer transaction synced by the integration. Sync all other Square settlement transactions such as chargebacks, balance adjustments and loan payments.

Tax Handling

Map multi-region/province tax values to appropriate accounts in Sage BCA for reporting purposes. Unique handling of taxes based on seller’s business tax status (i.e. registered/not registered for sales taxes, multiple tax office registration).​​

Backdating of Sync

Sync up to one year worth of historical sales, tax and payment data to your Sage BCA account.

Integrate with Sage

If you don’t have a Sage account, you can sign up for a free trial. To integrate Square with Sage:

  1. Visit the integration setup page.

  2. Sign in to your Square account and click “Allow to grant all relevant permissions”.

  3. Authenticate your Sage account by clicking Connect To Sage.

  4. Choose the Sage organisation you want to connect then click Allow access.

  5. Click Save + Continue to accept Amaka’s terms and conditions and start configuring your integration.

  6. Follow the wizard to choose your preferred setup method, invoice breakdown, invoice format, mapping and scheduler options to complete the setup of the integration.

  7. Click Save + Continue to finish and activate the integration.

After completing the setup, the new integration will be listed on the app dashboard where you can edit it or start a new one.

Note: If you have selected today’s date as your scheduled sync start date, your transactions will not appear in Sage until tomorrow.

Once you’ve set up a Sage account, you can invite your accountant or bookkeeper to access your business. Each administrator will have access to your information based on enabled permissions.

Troubleshoot your Integration

If your integration is not working as expected, visit Amaka’s troubleshooting page to attempt to resolve the matter yourself. Alternatively, you can schedule a one-on-one support session with Amaka’s team of Integration Specialists, who will assist you in resolving the matter.

Billing and Pricing

The integration is free for all Square sellers. Note: This does not include any Sage fees for accessing Sage services. Sage has several subscription plans to suit your business. For more information about comparing plans and Sage's pricing, visit the Sage website.

Manage Your Sage Account

For assistance with the Sage and Square integration:

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