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TapMango and Square

TapMango is an all-in-one loyalty and marketing programme which syncs with your existing Square account to track purchases and redemptions.

With TapMango and Square, retain customers for the long-term, acquire new customers through flexible referral programmes, and upsell to existing customers through quick tap-to-buy messaging.

Value props include:

  • Powerful loyalty and marketing features.

  • Email, app and text message marketing campaigns.

  • Intuitive templates to build your own loyalty application for iOS and Android to connect with, and reward your best customers.

You can learn more about TapMango features on their website.

Billing and Pricing

TapMango for Square Sellers is $239/month per location + initial $500 set up fee. This includes installation, training and a standalone Android tablet.

Learn more about TapMango pricing on their website.

Integrate with TapMango

To get started with the TapMango and Square integration, visit TapMango’s website to request a demo and sign up.

TapMango’s Customer Success team will work with you to set up your account and connect to Square.

Manage Your TapMango Account

TapMango features, services and billing are managed by them directly. To get in touch with TapMango Support:

If for some reason they’re not able to help you, please contact us with your support ticket number and we’ll do our best to find a solution for you.

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