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WP EasyCart and Square

WP EasyCart is a WordPress eCommerce & Shopping Basket plugin that lets customers sell retail, downloads, subscriptions and more on their website. WP EasyCart installs in minutes into any existing WordPress website and is able to add product displays and advanced administrative functionality.

Learn more on the WP EasyCart website.

Integrate with WP EasyCart

Visit the App integrations page of your online Square Dashboard, scroll down to WP EasyCart and click Get Started. You can also visit the WP EasyCart website for more information.

Billing and Pricing

The core WP EasyCart service is currently free for Square users! Find more information on the WP EasyCart pricing page.

Manage Your WP EasyCart Account

WP EasyCart features, services and subscriptions are managed by them directly. For additional help, visit their Support Centre. You can also email their team at support@wpeasycart.com.

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