8 out of 10 Spaniards add milk to their coffee

Mai 16, 2024

According to data from Square, the business management tech company, the most popular coffee among Spaniards in bars and cafes is latte (20.9%), while the most expensive one is the flat white, with an average price of 3.14€

Madrid, May 16, 2024 – Coffee shops in Spain are on the rise. According to the latest data from the Spanish Coffee Association, this type of establishments have increased by 3% and the consumption of this beverage has increased by 14% outside home. Currently, 22 million cups of coffee are served every day in Spain. But, do we know how Spaniards prefer to drink coffee?

Square, the tech company that offers an integrated ecosystem of software and hardware solutions to help in the management and growth of businesses of all sizes, reveals the most common way of consuming coffee in Spain. According to the study conducted by the company among the restaurant businesses that use its solutions, if one thing is clear, it is that 8 out of 10 Spaniards prefer to drink it with milk, either in the form of latte (20.9%)- one shot of espresso and two shots of milk heated with steam, with a small 1 cm layer of foam and served in a glass-, ‘café con leche’(16.9%) -like a latte, but with a little less milk and barely foam-, flat white (16.5%) -with two shots of espresso and served in a ceramic cup-, cappuccino (12.5%) -which contains espresso, steam and milk foam in equal parts, and is served in a cup of 150 to 180 ml- or ‘cortado’ (12.2%) -as its name suggests, a coffee with a small shot of milk and served in a small cup. Those who choose to drink their black coffee mostly opt for espresso (11.9%) or ‘Americano’ (8.4%).

Square, which provides technology to cafes, restaurants and coffee shops, has also analyzed the average cost of these drinks in the businesses that offer them and the prices range between 2.14€ and 3.14€, with the cheapest product being espresso and the most expensive being flat white. It is closely followed by the latte with a cost of 2,96€, the cappuccino with 2,82€, the Americano with 2,55€, the ‘café con leche’ with 2,38€ and the ‘cortado’ with 2,22€.

Coffee is, without a doubt, one of the great passions of the Spanish people and every day more and more people join in a consumption that continues to increase; however, it has been demonstrated that, for the vast majority, milk is a faithful and inseparable partner.

Ara Kharazian, Research and Data Lead at Square, says: “Coffee culture is deeply embedded in Spain, and some coffee drinks that were invented in Spain - like the cortado - have now become popular in many countries around the globe. We see a steady rise of coffee consumption reflected in our data for Spain, with non-dairy milk alternatives such as oat milk gaining a growing following.”