Hi. I’m Danielle, rookie business mogul.

I can help your business become a success like me.


I’m so business Square sent me to visit some of their top business owners to talk business.

I call it Mogul to Mogul.

The Dog Club

Not only am I good at business, I can also speak dog. Woof. This comes in handy when I talk to The Dog Club about their appointments setup, payments for dogs, and loyalty program — but why do they need a loyalty program when dogs are incredibly loyal?

Love Tilly Group

I’m a foodie. And with five restaurants, Love Tilly speaks my love language. So I knew they’d love my guidance on how to take tableside orders, use a kitchen display system, and set up QR code menus. But no one could predict what would happen when I put my prediction skills to work. Not even me.


When it comes to the bike business, I never needed training wheels. So when I meet CCACHE, my business ideas can’t be contained. I talk to them about their inventory management, point of sale setup, and payments. And then I make them listen to all my new ideas (as a favour to them of course).

Sage Styling Salon

As a natural born blonde, I’m naturally gifted when it comes to all things hair. So when I take my skills to Sage Styling Studio to talk about their appointments, customer profiles, and rostering setup, I get down to the roots of their business.


My business ideas

(DON’T steal them!)

Mogul, out