With 2020 comes the dawn of a new decade, and what better time to embrace the unknown, like antioxidant-packed mushroom coffee or the thrill of axe throwing? We don’t have a crystal ball, but we do have millions of transactions from Square sellers across the country, and here’s what we predict you will (⬆) and won’t (⬇) be spending your money on in 2020.

All growth metrics below are based on year-over-year sales from 2018 to 2019.

Health and Wellness

Health and wellness is no longer confined to exercise and vegetables—it’s a lifestyle. One filled with elimination diets, medicinal plants, and milks made from every nut under the sun. Read on for a bevy of ways to stay well in the new year.

⬆ Elderberry

97% increase in sales
Known for their vitamin-packed, immune-boosting qualities, elderberry syrups and defense tonics may help fight those cold or flu-like symptoms. But prepare to pay up—elderberry syrup is $19, on average.

⬆ All Things Adaptogen

247% increase in sales
Adaptogens are plants with medicinal qualities, thought to help our bodies fight off sickness, de-stress, and sleep better. It’s no wonder they’re being blended into lattes, snacks, juices, and more. Swapping your daily caffeine fix for an adaptogen latte, for example, will cost, on average, $7.18.

⬆ Keto

261% increase in sales
This high-fat, low-carb diet has reached peak popularity, with keto options breaking into restaurants and cafes, ranging from keto tacos to keto cauliflower bowls. Craving some keto spaghetti squash with meat sauce? That will set you back $10.12, on average.

⬇ Whole30

25% decrease in sales
While the keto diet is having its heyday, the elimination-style Whole30 diet that bans all added sugars, dairy, grains, soy, legumes, and alcohol is on its way out. Sales of Whole30 meal and snack options in restaurants are on the decline, but Louisiana is holding on to the trend as the top-selling state.

⬆ Macadamia Milk

171% increase in sales
Alt milks are all the rage, and it appears that macadamia milk is starting to gain traction among the lactose-averse coffee shop crowd. Sales of this rich and creamy nondairy milk are on the up and up. Expect to shell out $4.50 for your mac-milk latte.

⬇ Rice Milk

26% decrease in sales
Rice milk is past its prime. Say goodbye to this grain-based milk alternative beat out by its nuttier competitors, potentially due to its comparably higher calorie and sugar content.

⬆ Meat Alternatives

136% increase in sales
From the Impossible Burger to Beyond Meat, it’s no longer challenging for vegans, vegetarians, or curious carnivores to try meat alternatives in restaurants across the U.S. Anticipate that alt-meat burger to cost, on average, $12.52.


The experience economy is here to stay in 2020. Studies show millennials value experiences over goods, and our data indicates this preference will only continue to proliferate, from a rousing round of axe throwing to a battery-powered e-bike cruise.

⬆ Axe Throwing

317% increase in sales
Rough day at work? For just $34.12, on average, try chucking an axe at a target. This traditional Canadian backyard pastime is poised to take over urban U.S. communities in 2020, especially in Kentucky, North Carolina, and Texas.

⬆ E-Bike Rentals

50% increase in sales
Biking with a battery-powered boost is slowly but surely making its way to cities across the U.S. E-bike purchases don’t come cheap, but at just $78.49, on average, e-bike rentals are becoming an increasingly popular way to zip around town, cruising up hills and through challenging terrain without the added strain.

⬇ Sound Baths

13% increase in sales
Envision soothing chimes, gongs, and various instruments leading you on a meditative mind and body journey. Sound baths, also known as sound healing, are a relaxation experience, and they’re so 2019. At $64.38 a pop, sound bath sales growth has seriously stalled this year, down from 239% growth the year prior.


Looking for ways to quench your thirst in the new year? Look no further than the following—from cold caffeine to spiked seltzer, grab your metal straw and sip away.

⬆ Chagaccino

126% increase in sales
A latte made with chaga, or wild mushroom powder, might sound unappetizing, but this superpowered drink is known for its jitter-free ability to naturally support the adrenal system, fight fatigue, and manage stress—all for the (average) price of $6.68.

⬆ Flash Brew

308% increase in sales
Not to be mistaken for cold brew, flash brew is a traditional Japanese method for ice cold coffee, just hitting it big in the U.S. Prepared with hot water and chilled immediately, flash brew blends its unique arctic temp with the taste of hot coffee. If you’re looking to try it for yourself, anticipate spending, on average, $4.08.

⬆ Hard Seltzer

500% increase in sales
Ain’t no laws when you’re sipping on hard seltzer … next year. This boozy trend that blew up in 2019 is here to stay. Bars and restaurants alike are still selling out of the libation, proving it’s not just a summertime staple. The fruity flavors range from mango to huckleberry and will cost you $6.50, on average.

⬆ Hard Kombucha

85% increase in sales
Fortified with probiotics, this healthyish alcohol alternative is brewing up a storm at restaurants and bars across the country. Find it on tap, in a bottle, or in a can, in refreshing flavors like watermelon mint chili or blood orange, for $7.21, on average.


Whether at home or in the spa, beauty treatments in 2020 will continue to tempt you to treat yo-self. From relaxing hydrojelly face masks to anti-inflammatory gua sha facials, there’s no shortage of quick beauty fixes that are sure to relax and restore.

⬆ Hydrojelly Face Masks

1700% increase in sales
These jelly-like masks can be applied at home or in a spa as a facial add-on and are known for hydrating, exfoliating, and toning the skin. Sound too good to be true? Californians and Texans are totally on board, but regardless of where you live, see for yourself for just $34, on average.

⬆ Gua Sha

125% increase in sales
Scraping an oddly shaped rose quartz or jade stone across your face might sound like an antiquated form of torture, but it’s in fact a facial technique said to boost blood flow, encourage lymphatic drainage, and promote skin elasticity. At $46.56, on average, beauty enthusiasts are clamoring for their very own gua sha tools to conduct the practice at home.


Long live leopard print! We predict this timeless trend will peak in 2020 across the country, with Texans loving the animal print the most. Fashion inspo for next year might also stem from dad’s shoe closet, of all places. Meanwhile, some once-hot items have been downgraded to basic. As we head into a new decade, you’ll want to leave your chokers behind.

⬆ Dad Sneakers

135% increase in sales
Blame Bella Hadid and Kylie Jenner for bringing the once-shunned “dad sneaker” to prominence. Sales of these chunky shoes are trending way up, and we’re forecasting they will continue to pound the pavement in all their dad glory in 2020, as long as they don’t bring cellphone hip holsters with them.

⬇ Chokers

10% decrease in sales
The ’90s choker revamp that took over your neckline is on the decline nationwide, with sales slowing this year by 10% after a choker boom in 2018. But Californians, Texans, and Floridians are not ready to give up their chokers and are spending an average of $29.34.

⬆ Leopard Print

160% increase in sales
No, it’s not your imagination, you have seen more ladies in leopard print skirts, shoes, scarves, leggings, and (insert any item here). The good news? The trend is timeless, so consider that leopard print price of $35.12, on average, a long-term investment.

⬆ Succulents

60% increase in sales
These tiny green houseplants may be hard to kill, but their popularity is slowly wilting away, dropping from 85% to 60% from 2018 to 2019. At $13.80 a plant, we predict the continued decline of succulent sales, with the exception of Californians who are still holding on to this cacti craze.

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