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Weebly Site Text, Link, and Page Tips

The way your content is written and displayed on your website can have a big impact on accessibility. When writing text and designing your website, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Will the text still be easy to read when zoomed in or enlarged?

  • Is there enough space between each line of text?

  • Do the text and background colours contrast well?

  • Is the content written in clear, simple language?

  • Are links easily distinguishable from surrounding text?

  • Does linked text make sense out of context (e.g. linking the phrase ‘click here to read about our mission’ instead of only linking ‘click here’)?

  • Do all pages have a descriptive title?

You can easily make changes to text size, colour and font face from the Theme tab. Click the Change Fonts button to view and modify the styles for all of the different types of text on your website. Check out our guides to choosing fonts, using text elements and changing background colours to learn more, or read our article on adding page titles and descriptions.

You may also want to check out WebAIM’s designer reference list for more details on planning an accessible website.

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