Primavera Sound renews its commitment to Square technology for the second consecutive year

Mai 27, 2024

Faster payments, less queuing, real-time sales control, order management and even offline payments are some of the advantages that the festival’s food and beverage stalls will enjoy

Barcelona, May 27, 2024 - Square, the technology company that helps manage businesses of all sizes with an integrated ecosystem of solutions, repeats for the second consecutive year as the official payment and management provider of the traditional Primavera Sound Barcelona. From May 29th to June 2nd, the company will provide over 750 Square Terminal and Square Point of Sale Terminal (POS) devices, as well as its payment API, the bars and restaurants participating in the event. In addition, several booths at the festival will be equipped with Square for Restaurants, a system designed to streamline their administrative and operational management, ensuring that orders are kept accurate and synchronized, and guaranteeing efficient organization of deliveries.

In 2023, Primavera Sound’s commitment to Square allowed it to improve both the user and restaurant experience at its festivals in Madrid and Barcelona, as well as the general organization of the events. After the success of the previous edition, the organization of the festival has renewed its commitment with the Condal City, as well as with Square, with the aim of streamlining the process of collections and orders, reducing queues and waiting times for attendees. In addition, the points of sale will have real-time sales control and even offline payments in case of any eventual incident.

“The speed and agility of food services is a key factor to enhance the user experience, especially in crowded events where long waiting times can be generated, reducing customer satisfaction”, said Gonzalo Saenz, Sales Director of Square in Spain. “We are very happy to be able to contribute to making the festival a pleasant experience for users, preventing them from missing the concerts of their favorite singers if they want to eat or drink something. In addition, we are extremely proud to continue to help drive sales for participating businesses at Primavera Sound for another year. The efficiency in payment processing, the ability to continue with the usual flow of sales in case of connectivity issues, the ease of use for sellers and the integration of all tools and services in a single system will significantly facilitate the work of businesses and contribute to improve their efficiency, ensuring that the businesses never miss a sale”.