Making Change

In this series of reports, spanning May 2019 to February 2021, we use Square data to dig into the ever-changing state of commerce and examine whether or not we’re headed toward a cashless economy.

Since we first introduced our findings over a year ago, a lot has changed. We are living through unprecedented times, with a global pandemic accelerating the digitization of finance and the economy at large. Meanwhile, an overwhelming majority of business owners still plan to accept cash at their business, a reminder that a less cash society is not necessarily indicative of a cashless one.

Still, much remains unknown regarding which elements of this new normal will endure post-pandemic, and we will continue to closely monitor our data as the commerce landscape evolves.

Chapter One

Payments, Politics, and Perspectives
May 2019

Chapter Two

Payments and the Pandemic
June 2020

Chapter Three

The New Normal
September 2020

Chapter Four

One Year of Payments and the Pandemic
March 2021