Restaurants Webinar Kit

This year hasn’t been easy. Whether it’s shutting down indefinitely, pivoting to a market-style model, making a curbside pickup work, or relying entirely on delivery, kitchen-based businesses have been met with many challenges. Hear from experts on how they’re adapting to the new normal in these webinars.

What’s inside:

How owners are adapting

Hear from restaurant owners on how they’re managing to reopen and the kinds of tools they’re using to adapt to the new normal.

New ways to sell

Owners discuss new business models that have helped them survive in the post-pandemic world.

From ghost kitchens to new services to completely new formats that pivot on technology, owners share their thoughts on the future of restaurants.

Tips for the new normal

Owners share tips on how they’ve adapted customer experiences and made modifications to their back of house to adapt and reopen safely.