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Our sales team can help simplify your operations, look into custom rates, and get you set up with the right solutions to meet your business needs. Click ‘Connect with us’ to get in touch with our sales team.

How we can help

Custom pricing

Square has flexible solutions to fit all the ways you take payments. Whether it’s in person, online or through an invoice, take payments the way that fits your business. Connect with our team to see if your business qualifies for custom rates.

API and partner integrations

Sync all your apps with Square. With over 1,000 integrations already developed and new ones coming online each month, Square can quickly and easily sync with many of the solutions you’re already using.

Learn about the Square ecosystem

Your Square account unlocks a powerful platform of services and add-on tools that work together. No matter what success looks like to you, Square has the tools to get you there. Learn more about different tools that all work together seamlessly, making it easy to run your business all from one place.

Small business loans

Square sellers may become eligible for a Square Loan based on their unique business data. Choose any amount from up to your max offer to get the right funding for your next big (or even small) business idea. Learn more about Small Business Loans.