Ladies of Business Rockaway Beach

Women take charge, one ask and one offer at a time.

Studies show that a supportive network plays a big part in a new business’ success. The more business owners network, the higher the chance of profitability and revenue growth. In Rockaway Beach, a diverse group of women have joined forces to support each other and grow their community. Founded in early 2016, members of the Ladies of Business Rockaway Beach meet monthly and are, in part, responsible for a new business boom in Rockaway Beach.

At each meeting, members bring an ask—something they need from the group—and an offer—something they can give to help others. This continuous flow of give and get is the cornerstone of the group’s success. The monthly meetings are an ongoing opportunity for members to support each other. Sharing resources and experience helps elevate each business, propelling the ladies to greater success. Together, they help each other find lawyers, lenders, childcare, and more.

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