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6 Holiday Promotion Ideas to Attract New Customers


The holidays are a prime time to attract new business, whether you’re in retail or you run another type of business. But when every business is trying to grab a piece of the holiday pie, you can’t just wait for new customers to come to you. You need to develop a marketing plan.

Here are six ideas to jump start your plan.

1. Target the need.

Your first task is to figure out where the need will be. Are you a cleaning company? Think of all those post-party messes people don’t want to deal with. Photographer? Target all those families scrambling for a last-minute holiday card picture. Targeting promotions towards a specific use case will go much farther than a more general promotion.

2. Target your audience.

Think about who is more likely to need your services: a business, or individual clients? In the example of a cleaning company, corporate holiday events are more likely to need cleanup crews than residential parties. If you open a salon, then you know you’re marketing towards individual clients. If it makes sense for your business, you may even consider running different holiday promotions for businesses and individual client.

3. Spread the cheer.

Don’t just decorate the office. Make sure to spice up your website, email marketing campaigns, social media accounts, and mailers with thematic designs to let your clients know about your holiday promotions.

4. Make yourself giftable.

Break out that ribbon. Your gift baskets and gift cards should look good enough to put under a tree or stuff into a stocking. (For inspiration, check out the super-creative designs some local businesses made using gift cards from Square).

5. Bring people together.

Think about how you can bring local businesses and clients together. You may choose to donate to charitable works, such as a toy drive, and invite your clients to participate. Or you could talk to adjacent businesses and see if they would be interested in hosting an outdoor sidewalk sale.

6. Give first.

If it makes sense for your business, think of ways you can give to your customers. This could be in the form of little extras when they purchase a service, small toys or treats in case they bring in their kids, or raffle-style giveaways.

The holiday season is a time when many businesses put out promotions and sales, so customers are used to basing their shopping choices on special deals. Get noticed with targeted, creative campaigns to attract new clients or show appreciation for your regulars.

*Image by Stephen Depolo on Flickr