Paying it Forward

Paying it Forward is Square’s first finance podcast and second official podcast. When it comes to running a small business, tackling financial decisions can be daunting and often overwhelming. Each week we’ll focus on a common financial issue, bringing in an expert in the field with actionable insights and a fellow business owner who has tackled it first hand.


Why Should You Separate Business and Personal Finances?

It can be tempting to mix business and personal finances, however, the consequences for your business outweigh the convenience of blurring those lines. From optimizing their finances for credit to managing day-to-day expenses, hear how one mother and daughter-run business keeps things in the family, but separate accounts.

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Should Your Small Business Take On a Loan?

Lines of credit, small business loans, even credit cards. There are so many financing options to choose from it can be difficult to decide what’s best for your business, let alone what all your options are. Hear firsthand from a small business owner who has taken out a loan for her hair salon and some of the unexpected obstacles she encountered along the way.

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What is Payroll and Why Does It Matter?

As you grow your business, hiring employees might have always seemed a part of the plan, so how did it become so complicated? You hire your first employee, maybe several, and suddenly the right deductions, forms and deadlines become crucial to operating your business. Hear from a small business owner who went from no employees to just under 100 in a short amount of time while still evoking his business’ mission.

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