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How Square Simplified Invoicing for These Business Owners

These three business owners use Square Invoicing so they can focus more on what they love- running their business.
Mary Hohn, Writer

If your business provides services to clients, makes custom goods, or requires multiple payments over time, you’ll want a payment method that is efficient and reliable.

It might seem like the obvious answer to use invoicing, but for a lot of businesses traditional invoicing may feel like more trouble than it’s worth. Tracking down payments, worrying if they were ever received, and having to follow up with customers can add time and drain efficiency.

However, with the right invoicing software on web and mobile, you can maintain a healthy cash flow and streamline your operations. Not only does this keep your business running smoothly, but it frees up more time to focus on the work you love.

We talked to Square sellers in different industries to find out what inspired them to start their businesses, what they love about owning a business, how they deal with challenges, and how Square Invoices helped to make their lives easier. Here’s what they had to say.

Elisa Cicinelli, owner of Elisa Cicinelli Photography in San Francisco

Square Invoices ElisaCicinelliShoot 0365 TB 01

Square: What inspired the start of your business?
Elisa: My earliest memory was when I was only a child. I remember my mother documenting our childhood events with a Super 8 movie camera and still cameras with those classic flash bulbs. Those memories are now something I can look back on and cherish forever.

During college, I learned studio lighting and started taking portraits of my family for my projects. I was able to continue what my mother gave me as a child. The thought started to twinkle into my mind that I could give this experience to others through my work.

After several years as an art director I went back to school for my MFA. I decided then to take a spontaneous trip to India, where my life would be changed forever. I came back with a vision, quit my job as an art director, and decided to open my business. I haven’t looked back since.

What are your favorite parts of owning and operating your business?
I love the interaction I have with clients while I am behind the camera. When I click the shutter I can feel the essence of that individual being captured in the images. I get goosebumps just thinking about it. I photograph by feeling and the camera is like my paintbrush.

What are the most challenging parts of owning and operating a business?
Sales and marketing are the biggest challenges. As a one-woman show, when I’m shooting I’m not out there networking, and when I’m networking I’m not in the studio shooting. I recently hired a few support contractors which has helped. I guess you can say I’m slowly finding “mini Elisas” to work with me on growing my business.

How has Square Invoices benefitted your business?
I’ve been with Square from the beginning, so it feels like we have both grown together. One of Square’s added features that I love is the invoicing capability. This helps me keep track of everything in one place. Now I no longer need to open up another program to create an invoice. Square integrates nicely with my business systems.

Genevieve Custer Weeks, founder and CEO of Tutu School Franchises Headquartered in Chicago

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Square: What inspired the start of your business?
Genevieve: I was a professional ballet-dancer-turned-teacher, and saw a hole in the world of dance education when it came to very young dancers. Traditional dance schools didn’t (don’t) cater to the very unique needs of toddlers, preschoolers, and young children, and they were also often missing out on the sense of magic that I felt should be a part of any child’s introduction to ballet. Tutu School was born out of a desire to fill that hole and to nurture that magic.

What are your favorite parts of owning and operating your business?
Since we’ve grown Tutu School through franchising to 30+ locations, my favorite thing has become the community of creative and inspiring entrepreneurs that I get to be a part of.

What are the most challenging parts of owning and operating a business?
It is always challenging to know what to tackle next. It can be tricky to prioritize when everything feels important and immediate. My own personal motto (and plan of attack) is to just do the next right thing.

How has Square Invoices benefitted your business?
Class memberships at Tutu School are run on a recurring basis, and Square has enabled us to streamline and customize the recurring billing process — both on our end and for our customers as well.

Justin Bonnet, owner of Eco Auto Clean in Atlanta, GA

EcoAutoClean Square 0207 MW 03

Square: What inspired the start of your business?
Justin: I love cars and I love people. I’m passionate about pleasing people and enjoying different vehicles, so it was a no-brainer.

What are your favorite parts of owning and operating your business?
I’m able to provide a living for our team and an experience for our clients.

What are the most challenging parts of owning and operating a business?
In the auto detailing business, weather is our biggest enemy, which can create quite the hurdle.

How has Square Invoices benefitted your business?
Before Square, like many businesses, auto detailing was known as a “cash” business. We always want our clients to have a seamless experience. Oftentimes we use Square Invoices for clients that want to pay in advance. We also use Square for scheduling, which has taken the focus off of multiple phone calls daily so we can focus on the client and detailing experience.

Mary writes for Square, where she covers topics that affect business owners — from starting a business to growing a business — and the tools and technology that help them succeed.