Get Your Money in Seconds — 24/7 — with Instant Transfer

Cash flow can be a big challenge for sellers. After all, you have inventory to purchase and vendors to pay, so getting your money ASAP can make a huge difference.

We’ve always made speed a hallmark of our services, giving you fast and predictable access to your funds. That’s why we first premiered next-business-day transfers for our customers, and now we’re making your transfer schedule even faster — literally seconds after a sale.

Instant transfer is available to all Square sellers in the United States. With a tap of a button in the Square app, the money from your sale goes straight to your account — 24 hours a day, seven days a week, even if it’s a holiday.

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Get your money faster than ever before.

Instant transfer is a game-changer for over 800,000 sellers, like Carlos Hernandez, the owner of Solexcollectors in Wheaton, Maryland. He buys and sells high-end sneakers — anything from Jordan Retro shoes to Adidas designed by Kanye West.

His whole brand is built around the promise that his store is always stocked with the most coveted merchandise. Carlos needs to quickly jump on opportunities to snatch up rare shoes, which means he needs funds readily available at all times.

“Since I am constantly buying and selling shoes, I need to get the money from my sales quickly — so I have cash on hand should a killer pair of shoes come up for sale,” says Carlos, who is about to open a second store in Baltimore. “I like that I get my money instantly and can immediately invest that back in my merchandise. I fell in love with that.”

With instant transfer, each transfer costs a fee per tranfser. (You need to transfer at least $25 each time you use instant transfer. The limit for a transfer is $10,000.)

You can enable instant transfer at any time, straight from the settings section of the Square app. All you need to do is link and verify your debit card, and voilà, your sales can be deposited right after you ring them up, subject to your bank’s availability schedule. (Most U.S. debit cards are supported.)

In addition to instant tranfers, you can also choose to schedule transfers of daily sales in your bank account with same-day transfer. Just set it and have peace of mind that your funds will be in your account on the same day.

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