5 Health and Beauty Trends to Watch in 2019

Yes, it’s cold outside — rather, it’s freezing if you’re reading this from some frost-stricken section of the U.S. Regardless of weather, the beauty and wellness world is already looking ahead to spring and summer 2019. That means our minds should be there, too. It’s time to catch up.

We’ve put together a guide to help you navigate the important beauty and wellness trends to come. At this moment, it looks like big brows and long lashes are here to stay, while rowing studios and smart jewelry are on track to make a big splash in 2019. Check out our list below.

1. Big brows, long lashes

By now it’s weird to think that thin brows could’ve ever been a thing. Big, bold brows have been the wave for a while now, and according to the happenings at Paris Fashion Week, this trend is here for the long haul. Fendi, Moschino, Chanel, Tom Ford, and Prada kept brows bushy and full on their runways. Long, lusty lashes dominated, too.

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2. Rowing is the new spin

Spinning had its moment, a mighty one at that. By now, we’ve done everything from hip-hop spin to rooftop spin classes. But there’s a new wave on the horizon: rowing. Previously considered a warm-up exercise, rowing is turning into a stand-alone, full-body workout at studios. Check out CITYROW in New York or, if you’re traveling to Sydney, Australia, any time soon, try out Club Row.

3. Smart jewelry

Wearable tech isn’t new. We’ve all had a Fitbit tracking our steps and heartbeats from a wristband, or the Apple Watch, which seems to do everything imaginable (except feed us). With each new generation of wearable technology, things become more and more stylish. Now, companies are adding jewelry to the mix. Bellabeat Leaf is producing necklace pendants, called Leaf Chakra, to monitor women’s health: menstrual cycles, stress, meditation, relaxation, and more. Then there’s the Oura Ring, which tracks body temperature, breathing rate, activity, sleep, and so much more through a ring around your finger. There’s no telling where wearable tech will go next.

4. Inclusivity

The “one size fits all” model is dead. We’re all about inclusivity now — just look at the success of beauty queen Rihanna with her Fenty makeup and Savage X Fenty lingerie brands. Each one considers the wide-ranging diversity of skin tones and body types with each product. So 2019 will see more of this, especially when it comes to genderless or genderfluid products.

5. Crystal healing

Victoria Beckham swears by it. And the beauty world is heading in its direction. Crystal healing is on track to become the next big thing in 2019 as everyone is researching and Googling how to get their chakras in order. In London, Sushma Sagar of The Calmery is already doing reiki energy facials, attracting a notable following from all the top wellness gurus and celebs. This trend is worth exploring, especially as we try to keep our chakras balanced during the gray winter months.