Socios destacados de Square

Offer your customers on-demand delivery with Postmates and Square. Easily create, schedule, and track deliveries in real time. No matter what you sell, our Postmates integration can help you deliver entirely new experiences so you can grow your business.

Beneficios principales

Seamless Integration

Easily create deliveries from your recent payment transactions with Square. There’s no technical expertise required and no need to hire your own drivers.

New Delivery Possibilities

Offer your customers delivery when they’re buying in store or over the phone. You can even deliver supplies between your business locations.

Scheduled Deliveries

Offer your customers the option to have their goods delivered ASAP or some time in the future.

Delivery 24/7

Grow your business every day of the week. Postmates delivers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


Free 2-Week Trial

Per delivery fee, starting at $5; varies by distance.

All claims and offers made herein are attributed to Postmates.