Wise Words: 10 Pieces of Business Advice from Woody Lovell of The Barbershop Club

As we get to know our sellers’ stories, they often share what they’ve learned along the way. Some of their advice is so sage that we’re going to start sharing it on this blog as part of our new weekly series, Wise Words. For this week’s edition, we spoke to Woody Lovell of The Barbershop Club in Los Angeles, whom you may recognize from our new TV commercials.

Here’s what he had to say:

“Our culture — and the barbershop culture in general — is all about providing a space that is personal. We operate by those morals and principles. It’s something that will never go out of style. It’s one of the few things you can’t order online.”

“When you have an avenue and outlet to show your raw talent, people are going to recognize it and you’ll be rewarded.”

“A business’s role in the community is simple. Provide an honest and special service. Your duty is to just be yourself.”

“Keep your integrity intact — stay small. Even though my profits don’t say that I’m small, you get the small feel from my business.”

“Do something you are passionate about. Something that makes you happy even though you might not make any money. Do that, and provide a good service, and you will grow.”

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“The present time is the right time. There can be a tendency to try to overeducate yourself. Just take the leap — go for it.”

“Analytics and data about my business keep my head above water. It keeps me ahead of the game and ahead of the competition. The key to survival is information.”

“Everyone wants to embrace something that is simple — something that doesn’t have a price tag.”

“It’s all about relationships. That’s truly what it’s about. Enjoy your family. Don’t put money first. Schedule your work around your family instead of scheduling your family around work. :

“Everyone needs to have what I call a group of “cosigners.” They’re your inner circle, your mentors. It’s vital to your success to have trusted people you can throw ideas off of.”

The Barbershop Club (which began in Kansas City) has built a major presence in Los Angeles over the past 20 years. The business retains the authenticity of old-school barbershop culture while integrating modern twists. It uses Square Point of Sale, Analytics, and Appointments to help take care of business.