This Week’s Must-Read Small Business Articles

Welcome to our weekly series of must-read small business articles. Every Friday, we’ll be doing just what it sounds like—sharing the articles we think will be the most interesting to Square sellers. (Also, just some fun stuff). Here’s what we’ve got this week:

In one of the stranger reputation-management tactics we’ve heard, a New York hotel is now fining people $500 for writing bad Yelp reviews.

Who needs hotels anyway? Here are some tips for running your business from an RV, trailer, or boat.

Copycatting isn’t just lame. Turns out it also takes the same amount of effort as creating your own vision. Inc. looks at the irony of the imitator epidemic.

Here are some content strategy tips for your business: “About” pages are super important. And a great newsletter can be even more effective than building a Facebook community.

If you’ve ever felt guilty about slightly exaggerating parts of your resume, this will make you feel better: 10 of the most ridiculous lies people have told on their resumes.

And finally, some essential weekend intel: The Push for Pizza app lets you order pizza in three taps.