The Sky’s the Limit: Introducing Custom Tipping in Square Invoices

Tipping is great for obvious reasons (ahem, karma). That’s why we’ve built Square products to make sure tipping for great service is as easy as possible for your customers. In fact, Square sellers as a whole saw a 35 percent increase in tip frequency from 2013 to 2014, with the average tip amount around 17 percent.

Customers are used to tipping at places like coffee shops and quick-service restaurants. But what about other types of businesses? Many sellers using Square Invoices have told us that their customers are asking for a way to tip them for a job well done.

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To make sure that customers can tip small businesses of all kinds, we’ve added a tipping feature directly into Square Invoices. Which means that when you email your customers a bill, they can tip you directly within the digital invoice. But the coolest thing is that they can tip any dollar amount they’d like (up to 50 percent of the invoiced amount). So if you’re a wedding hair stylist who went above and beyond — say, quickly whipped up an alternate ’do for rainy weather — your client has the option to reward you with more than just the typical 20 percent. That type of gratitude makes everyone feel good.

Square Invoices is one of the only solutions on the market that offers a custom tipping feature. It’s just another one of our products aimed at helping you grow your business.

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