Now You Can Measure Total Sales Driven by Facebook Ads

When you have a lean marketing budget, it’s crucial to understand the return on each dollar spent on advertising and growing your business. A few months ago we made it possible to buy Facebook ads and monitor their success through Customer Engagement. And since then, you’ve been able to track coupon claims and redemptions, and attribute in-store sales to those marketing campaigns.

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Today, we’re adding a new feature to our Customer Engagement integration with Facebook, so you can see the total number of transactions in your store that were driven by customers who saw your Facebook ad — not just sales driven by coupon redemptions. This means you’ll have a more complete picture of your total store sales driven by Facebook ads. You’ll know how many of your customers came in and bought dinner after viewing your promotion on Facebook, for example, even if they don’t use a coupon.

Brian Doyle, the owner of Café Avalaun in Warrensville Heights, Ohio, started running Facebook campaigns through Square and noticed his customers coming back to the café to redeem their coupons, helping him increase sales and grow his business. The ability to purchase Facebook ads through Square has been one of his most valuable marketing channels. Since it’s integrated with data from Facebook, Brian learned from his Square Dashboard that 35 percent of the transactions driven by a recent Facebook ad campaign were from customers who saw the ad and made a purchase without using a coupon. Brian said, “It’s great that as a local business we have access to the kinds of powerful tools that big businesses have. It’s a logical extension for my business that gives us the true value of our marketing investment to make smarter decisions.”

We’ll continue to add features to our suite of marketing tools so you can fully track the success of your marketing campaigns, drive customers to your store, and increase sales. Learn more about Square Email Marketing.